Neoprene wetsuit recycling at ONE SURFING CO

At ONE, our goal is to optimize the lifespan of neoprene suits to avoid sending them to landfills. We work with French partners to transform neoprene into new products. Or, we refurbish these wetsuits to give them a second life and catch more waves before completely recycling them. This is the principle of upcycling.

A circular model
ONE wetsuit

Recycling neoprene is anchored in our business model. Subscription or not, we are committed to collecting your used ONE neoprene wetsuits for recycling. That's why we offer all free returns and use reusable packaging. Old is Gold.

All brands and regardless of condition.
Neoprene wetsuit

To complete our approach, we obviously collect all surf wetsuits regardless of the brand or their condition. This is common work that must be carried out by all players in the industry to find even more effective solutions. Do not hesitate to send us your used neoprene suit instead of leaving it in your garage. Old is Gold.

A gesture for the planet = a gift for you!
Did you know?

If you send us your used neoprene suit for recycling. You will automatically receive a promo code (up to -20%) for the purchase of a new ONE wetsuit (excluding subscriptions). Recycling is essential for the preservation of our playground.

Responsibility for recycling rests solely with our brand. Customers just need to fully enjoy the joys of surfing. We'll take care of the rest. Happy surfing!