At ONE, 100% of our surf wetsuit range is made from Japanese YAMAMOTO #40 neoprene made from limestone. Durable, flexible and warm. Today this neoprene offers the best performance.

We make no concessions. Adult and kids surf wetsuits use the same high-end materials to optimize each person's performance.

Combinaison néoprène. Yamamoto #40. Flexible. Durable. Chaud.
An economy of use

We want to develop an economy of use instead of a definitive purchase. We therefore adapt our offer according to the different needs of surfers. Not everyone needs the new thing. Our goal is to optimize the lifespan and price of neoprene wetsuits based on your use.

Exchange program

We offer the possibility to all surfers to send us their used neoprene wetsuit. This way we prevent it from ending up in landfill sites. We refurbish it to give it a second life. We transform it into new products thanks to various partners. In exchange, you can get a promo code (up to -20%) on your next purchase of a “ONE” surf wetsuit.

The Reusable package

We send your products using reusable packages from the French brand HIPLI. They have a lower environmental impact than cardboard packages , even with 100% recycled material content: -83% of the carbon footprint for large format for example.

You can use them to return your used wetsuits to us. Or once your product has been received, we ask you to return the Hipli package to the address indicated above.