THANK YOU for favoring second-hand purchases to discover the joys of surfing together.

Repairing our worn out suits.

This approach is part of our overall vision of the lifespan of a neoprene wetsuit. We have redesigned the purchasing method to optimize performance and everyone's budget.

The 3 pillars of selling reconditioned surf suits.

Quality optimization

Suits only require simple repairs. The neoprene will have lost its flex but will still be effective in supporting you in the water.

Very very low price...

The advantage remains a very attractive price for a surf wetsuit. It's ideal if you're just starting out without spending too much...

An extended life cycle

This is part of our eco-responsible approach. At the end of its life, we will use the used neoprene to transform it into a new product (upcycling).

Who is this offer for?

Everyone... but more specifically surfers who are just starting out or who don't have the chance to practice often... Your first car was second-hand, so why buy a new surf wetsuit to start?


Free delivery and returns.

Stay focused on the wave forecasts while ONE takes care of your wetsuit deliveries and returns.

Certified repairs

We work with repair workshops in France to guarantee you optimal quality.

A gesture for the planet

Buying a second-hand surf wetsuit allows you to increase its lifespan before the neoprene is completely recycled.

Japanese know-how

Our surf wetsuits are made with Japanese Yamamoto #40 neoprene.

Eco-designed from limestone rocks.

The best performance on the market. Durable, flexible and warm.

A circular model

An eco-responsible approach around neoprene wetsuits.

In France, we repair or transform worn neoprene.

Optimize lifespan. Optimize prices. We adapt to the practices of surfers.

Rise to the challenges

Take on challenges like catching your first wave, your first barrel, winning your first surf contest. Surfing is a constant challenge.

Push the limits

Push the limits. You are looking for an even bigger and longer barrel, even higher air, even more powerful carve!

Lead the way

Lead the way by: arriving in the water with a smile, sharing waves with friends, collecting trash on the beach. Every good action is worth taking.

Fondateur marque de surf ONE

“Our objective is to develop a circular model around neoprene wetsuits so that we never throw them away. So we have set up a repair process to increase their lifespan before upcycling.”

A high-end neoprene. A premium service. An attractive price.