The classic purchase of a neoprene wetsuit.
How to save money?
Send us your used wetsuits for recycling. You can get up to 20% off.
Discover our Pack offers for the purchase of several surf wetsuits. Up to 30% off.

How to send us your used neoprene suit?

Contact us at the following email address: We will give you the delivery address. Once the wetsuits have been collected, you will receive a promo code by email. It's as simple as that.

By sending us your used wetsuit, you...

save money

Regardless of the condition and brand of the wetsuits, you will automatically receive a promo code.

give it a second life

We repair the wetsuit in France to offer it to charitable associations.


We are working with different French partners to transform it into a new product.



Stay focused on the wave forecasts while ONE takes care of your wetsuit deliveries and returns.


Japanese YAMAMOTO #40 neoprene for our range of adult and kids wetsuits. It offers the best performance on the market (flex, warmth and comfort).


Via subscription or a classic purchase, you will always have access to attractive prices on our surf wetsuits. We adapt to your practice. We support you in your passion.

Japanese know-how

All of our surf wetsuits are made with Japanese YAMAMOTO #40 neoprene.

It is made from limestone rocks.

It offers you the best performance on the market. Durable, flexible and warm.

A circular model

At ONE, we optimize the lifespan of neoprene wetsuits.

Our eco-responsible approach is as follows:

Eco-designed wetsuits made from limestone rocks to avoid petrochemicals.

Low prices that adapt to your practice.

Recycling all neoprene wetsuits.

Rise to the challenges

Take on challenges like catching your first wave, your first barrel, winning your first surf contest. Surfing is a constant challenge.

Push the limits

Push the limits. You are looking for an even bigger and longer barrel, even higher air, even more powerful carve!

Lead the way

Lead the way by: arriving in the water with a smile, sharing waves with friends, collecting trash on the beach. Every good action is worth taking.

Fondateur marque de surf ONE

"I am a passionate surfer. The objective in building ONE SURFING CO was not to create yet another surf brand. But rather I wanted to create a unique offer around neoprene wetsuits.

I know the limitations of this product and I wanted to be able to meet the needs of all passionate surfers, regardless of age or level.

So we created the subscription system and other purchasing options to have access to high-end surf wetsuits at low prices.

Happy surfing! "


Because for every surfer, ONE wave is ONE unique story.


But also to illustrate the mentality of the “BE THE ONE” surfer:

Respect to the lineup.

Sharing waves with friends.

Share our passion with beginners.

Push your limits to surf better.

Pick up trash on the beach.


We are proud to have created this brand in Hossegor among all the big names to find a place with surfers.

France and Europe in general is full of surf spots! it is a pleasure to accompany you in each of your sessions.

Before the launch of ONE, there were 2 years of research and development.

We have tested all the eco-responsible neoprenes on the market: Oysterprene, Yulex and Yamamoto.

Our opinion is as follows: YAMAMOTO neoprene offers the best performance in terms of warmth and flexibility. In addition to being eco-designed using limestone rocks.

It's a good way to stand out in the water. All surf wetsuits are the same...

With ours, friends, relatives and even photographers will easily spot you in the water.

Imagine you have the wave of your life but not filmed because you were not recognized. it would be a shame...

Not with the ONE wetsuit!

  1. We can repair them and in this case, we give them a second life via surf schools or charitable associations. We know perfectly well the joys of surfing. We need to share them as much as possible.
  2. We work with French partners to "upcycle", that is to say, transform used neoprene into a new product. We'll tell you more very soon!

A high-end neoprene. A premium service. An attractive price.

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