ONE SURFING CO is 2 years of research and development and hundreds of waves taken to best test each neoprene in order to offer you the best quality. Yamamoto perfectly combines eco-responsibility and high performance for our wetsuits.

Specialist in neoprene since 1964
The Yamamoto family

Yamamoto is a Japanese family business specializing in the development of neoprene. Their know-how and specific attention to detail lead them to create a quality, comfortable, durable and eco-responsible product.

An eco-responsible neoprene
Limestone rock

Neoprene that is 300 million years old? Following a volcano which erupts in Hawaii, a coral reef settles there. Over the years, this reef transformed into limestone rock and sea plates transported it to Japan. Yamamoto uses the purest limestone rock in the creation of its neoprene to replace petroleum and thus provide superior quality in ONE SURFING CO wetsuits.

Go surfing!
Quality wetsuit

At ONE SURFING CO, we have therefore chosen Yamamoto neoprene to optimize your performance with an eco-responsible approach in our products. We have only one range of high quality wetsuits for adults and children. Our different services and prices then adapt to your practice.

No need to create several ranges. We simply want the best for you!