ONE SURFING CO in Hossegor

We are proud to be the first French surf brand created in Hossegor, the European capital of surfing. The place where champions prove themselves to reach the highest level.

Wetsuit test in Hossegor

2 years of testing in Hossegor

Dozens of waves surfed to test different neoprene and offer you the best quality. Hossegor offers us surfing all year round in the most extreme conditions to push the limits of our wetsuits.

Lightness and flexibility

Our surf suits offer you maximum comfort in your maneuvers thanks to Japanese Yamamoto #40 neoprene. Our goal is to offer you high-end products with an eco-responsible approach.

Optimal warmth

This is the primary purpose of a surf wetsuit, Yamamoto #40 neoprene offers you warmth and comfort to extend your surf sessions in winter. No more excuses to miss the magical swells and maybe catch the wave of a lifetime?!

The service for passionate surfers

ONE SURFING CO is the first surf brand to offer a monthly subscription for neoprene wetsuits. Indeed, we have developed a quality service with high-end products and advantageous prices. It is available for the most passionate who surf all year round regardless of the conditions but also for children who grow up quickly!

A circular economy
Neoprene recycling

We recycle all neoprene wetsuits, regardless of brand or condition. Either we can refurbish them to give them a second life and catch more waves via surf schools or charities. Either we transform neoprene into raw material to manufacture new products (upcycling). The goal is to optimize their lifespan and not throw them into landfills.


“I am a passionate surfer above all.

I want to be as transparent as possible to offer a service that meets the real needs of surfers with an important eco-responsible approach which includes:

Eco-designed, quality and durable materials.

Fair prices that match your practice.

A neoprene recycling system with different French partners. "