The best neoprene wetsuit offer for children

1 new 4/3mm kids wetsuit every year

Subscription: €13/month

Classic purchase available

1 new 3/2mm kids wetsuit every year

Subscription: €12/month

Classic purchase available.

2 wetsuits per year 4/3mm and 3/2mm

Subscription: €24/month

Classic purchase available


The best neoprene wetsuit offer for adults.

1 new adult 4/3mm wetsuit every year

Subscription: €16/month

Classic purchase available

1 new adult 3/2mm wetsuit every year

Subscription: €15/month

Classic purchase available

2 wetsuits per year 4/3mm and 3/2mm

Subscription: €30/month

Classic purchase available

2 combinaisons par an 3/2mm et 2/2mm

Abonnement = 30€/mois

Achat classique disponible

3 combinations per year (4/3,3/2 and 2/2mm)

Subscription: €45/month

Classic purchase available


Pourquoi tous les surfeurs devraient bénéficier de ce service?

Neoprene Yamamoto #40

Une qualité supérieure pour offrir les meilleures performances dans l'eau : Chaleur, Flexibilité et Légèreté. Un neoprene éco-conçu à partir de roches calcaires.

Un service d'athlète.

Économisez en moyenne 40% pour avoir un produit haut de gamme réservé aux athlètes de haut niveau.Combinaison(s) neuve(s) tous les ans.

Livraison/retour, recyclage.

Livraisons et retours gratuits.

Nous réparons pour rallonger la durée de vie et transformons 100% de la combinaison en France en nouveaux produits.

2021 ISA World Champion

He joins the ONE team as an associate. It is a real privilege to welcome him. He brings his passion, his values ​​and his expertise to design the best products and services for passionate surfers.


How to save money on a classic purchase of a surf wetsuit?

Neoprene suit

Second hand / second hand


Free delivery and returns 😎

Try the wetsuit at home. If the size does not fit, return it. We work with reusable packages for a simple experience. More information here or via email

Exchange program

Send us your used wetsuits that are no longer needed for recycling. Then receive a promo code on a classic purchase. Click here to find out more.


The Ocean is the most beautiful playground. Let us preserve it under these three pillars:

  1. Eco conception
  2. Fair pricing.
  3. Recycling

Our values: BE THE ONE...

Rise to the challenges

Take on challenges like catching your first wave, your first tube, winning your first competition. Surfing is a constant challenge.

Push the limits

Push the limits. You are looking for an even bigger and longer tube, even higher air, even more powerful carve!

Lead the way

Lead the way by: arriving at the water with a smile, sharing waves with friends, collecting trash on the beach. Every good action is worth taking.


An exclusive interview with Matt who explains his vision around surf wetsuits and his approach for passionate surfers.

Questions about our combinations and offers?

2 years of research and development to validate our range of surf wetsuits for adults and children.

We tested different types of neoprene such as: Yulex (developed by Patagonia in natural rubber), Bioprene (based on oyster shells) and Yamamoto (based on limestone rocks).

Our main objective was to have an eco-designed neoprene. All three are very efficient.

But we chose the latest version of Yamamoto #40 neoprene . It perfectly meets our specifications to offer warmth and flexibility. The two main advantages of a surf wetsuit to optimize its performance on the wave.

We are primarily surfers who spend most of the time in the water and this neoprene met our needs. Despite everything, Yulex and Bioprene remain very good alternatives.

But let's just say that when you buy a wetsuit, you naturally expect to get the best materials on the market. it's taken for granted for you and that's normal!

The difference lies in the services and prices...

We got it!

In addition to high-end neoprene thanks to Japanese know-how, we have fully equipped our surf wetsuits.

There is a 4-way super stretch external lining to optimize flexibility.

For the 4/3mm and 3/2mm, we added an internal lining at the torso and back to maximize warmth. Putting it up to the bottom of the legs takes away flexibility.

Finally, the seams are sewn glued with an interior tape all over the body for maximum waterproofing while maintaining flex.

Discover our surf wetsuits .

ONE ATHLETE allows you to pay for your wetsuit in 19 months.

Not everyone can afford to pay for a neoprene suit all at once so this allows you to divide it into very low monthly payments.

The commitment is for a minimum of 12 months.

So have a new surf wetsuit every year to optimize your performance.

You can also stop paying after 12 months and therefore obtain a very preferential rate but also after 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 months etc. All you have to do is send us your used suit. Returns are free!

Our prices therefore adapt to your practice.

We recycle all neoprene wetsuits thanks to various French partners.

Discover the ONE ATHLETE program

For all passionate surfers.

It is easy to pay with very low monthly payments and therefore a surfing equipment budget that is easier to manage.

This is the opportunity to have a new, high-end wetsuit every year at an unbeatable price.

When we developed this offer, we obviously had children in mind!

The KIDS as we prefer to call them are at the origin of this offer. Matt, the founder of ONE, started surfing at 3 years old and his parents had to buy him a new neoprene wetsuit every year because he was growing too quickly.

We want to offer the ultimate service for future surf champions!

High-end surf wetsuits like their favorite surfers and the possibility of changing them every year with very attractive prices.

Compared to the competition with similar quality, you save between €100 and €150 per year on a children's surf suit.

They are in the shoes of a high-level athlete with premium service and new suits every year!

Special offers available on our site all year round.

Choose your pack based on your needs and where you surf to fully enjoy and maximize your performance!

Save money... for a surf trip for example!

Discover our surf wetsuit packs for adults and children.

Eco-responsibility encompasses three main parts at ONE:

  1. The design : our surf wetsuits are designed with Yamamoto #40 neoprene which is made from limestone rock to replace petrochemical elements.
  2. Pricing : offering quality at a fair price based on your practice and the lifespan of the product.
  3. Recycling : giving neoprene wetsuits a second life with repairs to offer them to surf schools and charitable associations. We also work with different French partners to transform used neoprene into a new product.

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Landes Initiatives

The Landes Initiatives network trusted us in the creation and development of ONE SURFING CO.

A big thank you to the whole team!

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