Send us your used wetsuits.

It doesn't matter the brand and its condition. We refurbish and recycle to avoid sending them to landfills.


Our team will evaluate your worn wetsuit. Depending on its condition you can retrieve a promo code (up to -20%) for the purchase of a new suit.


Use your promo code to purchase a new wetsuit. We refurbish or transform used neoprene into a new product. You are doing a good deed for the planet.

Fondateur marque de surf ONE

"The responsibility for recycling should not fall on surfers. Brands should offer a take-back offer to recycle their products at the end of their life. This is our conviction. We therefore offer this recycling program for used wetsuits. Technology is evolving to offer ever more efficient products. It must also evolve to recycle these same products."


Please send us the following information to this email address: hello@onesurfingco.com


- First name

- E-mail address

- Telephone number

- Description of the condition of your worn suit.

- Your favorite surf spot.

It is very simple.

1. Use a suitable and secure package to store your wetsuit. A cardboard box is ideal.

2. We will send you the postal address by email.

3. Shipping costs are your responsibility.

4. We will send you a confirmation email once your combination has been received by our team.

For any additional questions, please contact us at the following email address: hello@onesurfingco.com

Shipping time is often between 3 to 5 working days.

Then we have 3 to 5 working days to evaluate your wetsuit.

Finally, you will receive an email from our team to tell you the amount of the promo code and the wetsuit recycling process.

Depending on the condition of your suit, you may receive a promo code up to 20% off on the purchase of a new "ONE" suit.

The value of the amount is calculated at the discretion of our team.

We keep them out of landfills and thus reduce their environmental impact.

We want to develop a user economy. A passionate surfer looking for performance will need a new wetsuit every year like a high-level athlete.

A surfer who does not have the chance to practice all year round and who is just starting out does not necessarily need to have a new wetsuit but rather a refurbished one.

As a result, we optimize the lifespan of our products and their prices.

We refurbish and recycle wetsuits, regardless of the brand.