The ultimate dream, like a pro surfer.


From €15.00/month for adults.

From €12.00/month for children.

Commitment 12 months minimum, after which you are free to cancel the subscription by returning your used neoprene wetsuit.
Save money based on your practice.

Get a new surf wetsuit every year!

With the ONE ATHLETE program you get a new neoprene wetsuit after 12 payments. Send us your current ONE wetsuit back to us (it's free) and receive the new one. It's as simple as that. The subscription will then be renewed for a minimum of 12 months.

The all-inclusive ONE ATHLETE subscription.

Superior quality

Japanese Yamamoto neoprene which offers the best performance: warmth, flexibility and comfort.

Attractive Service and Prices

A new wetsuit every year. For example, 4/3mm adult at €192.00/year and child at €156.00/year.

Neoprene recycling

In France, to transform your worn neoprene wetsuits and increase their lifespan.

Surf wetsuit subscription for children.

1 new 4/3mm children’s wetsuit every year

Subscription: €13/month

Following the minimum commitment of 12 months, the 4/3mm children's wetsuit costs you only €156/year.

1 new 3/2mm children's wetsuit every year

Subscription: €12/month

Following the minimum commitment of 12 months, the 3/2mm children's wetsuit costs you only €144/year.

2 kids wetsuits per year 4/3mm and 3/2mm

Subscription: €24/month

Following the minimum commitment of 12 months. You have access to a new 4/3mm and 3/2mm for only €288/year.


Surf wetsuit subscription for adults.

1 new adult 4/3mm wetsuit every year

Subscription: €16/month

Following the minimum commitment of 12 months, the adult 4/3mm wetsuit costs you only €192/year.

1 new adult 3/2mm wetsuit every year

Subscription: €15/month

Following the minimum commitment of 12 months, the adult 3/2mm wetsuit costs you only €180/year.

2 wetsuits per year 4/3mm and 3/2mm

Subscription: €30/month

Following the minimum commitment of 12 months. You have access to a new 4/3mm and 3/2mm for only €360/year.

2 combinaisons adulte par an 3/2mm et 2/2mm

Abonnement = 30€/mois

Suite à l'engagement minimum de 12 mois. Vous avez accès à une 3/2mm et 2/2mm neuves à seulement 360€/an.

3 combinaisons par an (4/3mm, 3/2mm et 2/2mm)

Abonnement = 45€/mois.

Engagement 12 mois.Vous avez accès à une 4/3mm, 3/2mm et 2/2mm neuves à seulement 540€/an.



The ultimate neoprene wetsuit service, for passionate surfers and growing kids.


After 12 payments, you can renew your subscription. Return your used surf wetsuit to us (it's free) and receive the new one directly to your home.

The ONE ATHLETE subscription allows you to have a low monthly payment to optimize your surfing budget every month. You can therefore pay for your neoprene suit in 19 installments free of charge. After these 19 payments, the combination is yours.

After 12 payments or 12 months, you are free to cancel the subscription at any time. Simply return your used suit to us for recycling. Returns are free!



Stay focused on the wave forecasts while ONE takes care of your wetsuit deliveries and returns.


Receive exclusive offers and benefit from privileged access to the launch of new products. As a bonus, you benefit from 20% on your next purchase (excluding subscriptions and packs).


At ONE, you are first and foremost an athlete, and your expertise will be the subject of our full attention. As such, we will be delighted to involve you in the testing and development of future collections.

Japanese know-how

Our surf wetsuits are made with Japanese Yamamoto #40 neoprene.

Eco-designed from limestone rocks.

The best performance on the market. Durable, flexible and warm.

A circular model

An eco-responsible approach around neoprene wetsuits.

In France, we repair or transform worn neoprene.

Optimize lifespan. Optimize prices. We adapt to the practices of surfers.

Rise to the challenges

Take on challenges like catching your first wave, your first barrel, winning your first surf contest. Surfing is a constant challenge.

Push the limits

Push the limits. You are looking for an even bigger and longer barrel, even higher air, even more powerful carve!

Lead the way

Lead the way by: arriving at the water with a smile, sharing waves with friends, collecting trash on the beach. Every good action is worth taking.

Fondateur marque de surf ONE

“By building this community, we want to create the ultimate service for passionate surfers and growing kids.

Obviously, we are not pushing for overconsumption. Enjoy your wetsuit for as long as possible. We only wish to adapt our prices to your practice to optimize your performance.

Happy surfing! "



1. Economical with high-end neoprene wetsuits.

2. A premium service for passionate adult and child surfers.

3. An eco-responsible approach to optimize the lifespan of surf suits according to needs.

It doesn't matter how worn your suit is.

We refurbish or recycle them thanks to different partners in France.

We keep them out of landfills and thus reduce their environmental impact.

We want to develop a user economy. A passionate surfer looking for performance will need a new wetsuit every year like a high-level athlete.

A surfer who does not have the opportunity to practice all year round and who is just starting out does not necessarily need to have a new wetsuit but rather a reconditioned one.

As a result, we optimize the lifespan of our products and their prices.

We recondition and recycle wetsuits, regardless of the brand.

It's very simple, please follow the following instructions:

1. Use the Hipli reusable packaging that you received with your wetsuit. If you have lost or returned it, please use an appropriate package for the transport and security of your wetsuit, a cardboard box is ideal.

2. Stick the return label on your packaging. It was part of your package when you received your suit. If you no longer have it, please contact us at the following email address:

3. Go to the Post Office to drop off your package.

4. As soon as we receive your wetsuit, your subscription will be automatically terminated.

Of course. You do not have to return your "ONE" wetsuit to us after 12 months. If all is well, continue to enjoy it.

When you decide to send it back to us, our team will analyze its wear.

We refurbish them. We transform them into new products.

Eco-responsibility encompasses three main parts at ONE:

The design : our surf wetsuits are designed with Yamamoto #40 neoprene which is made from limestone rock to replace petrochemical elements.

Pricing : offering high-quality at a fair price based on your practice and the lifespan of the product.

Recycling : giving neoprene wetsuits a second life with repairs to offer them to surf schools and charitable associations. We also work with different French partners to transform used neoprene into a new product.

Subscription and Payment

You are debited every 10th of the month for a minimum of 12 months and up to 19 months if you keep the wetsuit. If you wish to stop your subscription, simply return your used wetsuit to us. To avoid being debited the month you return your suit, you must do so before the 10th.

If the monthly direct debit for your subscription is rejected, you will be informed immediately by our teams and a second direct debit request will be presented a few days later to your bank. You will also receive by email a link to update your payment method and regularize your situation.

In the case of 2 successive deadlines (2 months of subscription) rejected by your bank, ONE SURFING CO reserves the right to terminate your subscription contract and to invoice the various costs linked to these payment defaults.
You must return the combination(s) made available to you within 14 days following the termination of the contract.
In the event of non-return within these deadlines, you will be charged non-return fees, the amount of which is indicated in the document “ non-return fees ” below: ONE SURFING CO non-return fees.

Please note that any equipment not returned is considered stolen, which will result in the initiation of litigation and legal proceedings, the costs of which will be borne by the Customer.

Guarantees and after-sales service

Via the ONE ATHLETE subscription, your neoprene wetsuits are guaranteed as for a classic purchase:

  • 1 year from original purchase date on all seams.
  • 1 year from original purchase date on neoprene.

To do this, send us an email to with photos so that our team can analyze the condition and get back to you for support.

For any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email to the following address: or via our social networks. We respond 7 days a week.

Delivery & Return

You will receive each of your orders in reusable packaging from the Hipli or Repack brand in order to reduce your carbon footprint. This packaging will be used to return your wetsuit to us at the end of your subscription.

As a ONE ATHLETE member, you have access to free delivery and returns. Focus on the surf forecast and we'll take care of the rest.

In mainland France, delivery times are between 2 to 5 working days via Colissimo.

In Europe, delivery times are between 5 and 10 days.

A tracking number will be sent to you by email.

A high-end neoprene. A premium service. An attractive price.

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