What is the best 3/2mm neoprene wetsuit for adults and children?

Quelle est la meilleure combinaison néoprène 3/2mm pour adulte et enfant?

Presentation of the 3/2mm

The ideal neoprene suit for between seasons.

Quick reminder: the thickness of a neoprene suit is calculated to maximize both body heat to optimize the duration of your session and flexibility to maximize your performance when paddling and on the wave.

At ONE SURFING CO, we use Japanese YAMAMOTO neoprene. In addition to having an eco-design based on limestone rock to avoid all petrochemical elements, it offers the best warmth in the most extreme conditions while providing optimal comfort and flexibility.

Everything is calculated on these two very important aspects to maximize your performance.

The placement of the seams is designed to avoid any irritation and give you maximum freedom of movement.

The thickness distribution of the neoprene is also calculated to maximize warmth/weight VS flexibility.

So we have the greatest thickness on the torso and thighs to give way to a thinner layer on the arms/shoulders and lower legs. As a result, the heat is contained in key places and you maintain optimal freedom of movement in your oar and each of your maneuvers.

Little anecdote: Matt (the founder of ONE) tested our wetsuits in a completely different register from surfing, that of Triathlon. He trained for 6 months on the swimming section in the Hossegor canal with the 3/2mm wetsuit.

He swam all winter without feeling cold but with disconcerting comfort to work on his technique.

He started his race at the Ironman 70.3 2023 in Les Sables D'Olonne with his 2/2mm neoprene suit and finished the swim in 29 minutes for 1.9km. “I’ve never swum so well…” so is it due to his training or his equipment? A good mix of both is the perfect solution.

So a surf wetsuit capable of accompanying you on long-distance swimming shows its qualities in terms of both performance and comfort.

Yamamoto neoprene is used in all major triathlon wetsuit brands.

ONE SURFING CO which supplies neoprene wetsuits for triathletes

Matt on the left proudly wearing his ONE suit surrounded by his friends in ORCA suits.

After having presented to you the reflection and the various tests of our range of surf wetsuits, we must now focus on our 3/2mm available for adults and children.

  1. Who is the 3/2mm surf wetsuit for?

Surfer on a wave wearing a ONE 3/2mm neoprene wetsuit

The 3/2mm neoprene wetsuit is ideal for those starting out in surfing. At first you don't necessarily want to surf in very cold water, this will come once your passion for surfing is well established.

It is a full suit that will protect your entire body from possible shocks and UV rays.

In fact, having a full suit provides a feeling of optimal protection, so it's perfect when you're starting out.

Finally, the 3/2mm neoprene wetsuit is an integral part of experienced surfers up to professionals.

It represents the perfect transition between cold winter water and summer. We then talk about performance optimization. The 3/2mm is lighter, more flexible and comfortable than the 4/3mm, so it is necessary for surfers to use it and thus fully enjoy each wave.

In addition, for competitors, the 3/2mm is a major asset. They use it for a series of 20-30 minutes even in the middle of winter to maximize flexibility in each maneuver at the expense of heat. But for such a short duration and with the adrenaline rush, the cold is bearable so it is more judicious to favor high performance!

Finally, the 3/2mm is the ideal wetsuit for children. It protects against UV rays so you can spend all day at the beach. Even in the middle of summer, children are more likely to be cold and therefore it will keep them warm!

In general, when you start surfing, you avoid going in the middle of winter in very cold water. So this wetsuit is perfect to accompany KIDS on their first waves! This is just the beginning of a long adventure!

  1. In what water temperature should the 3/2mm neoprene wetsuit be used?

The 3/2mm neoprene wetsuit is ideal to accompany you in water between 14°C and 18°C . Obviously, external conditions such as wind or lack of sunlight can impact how you feel about the cold.

It can easily accompany you in water temperatures above 18°C. Although this can impact your surfing performance because you will feel heavier on the wave. It's like going for a run in the middle of summer with a sweater.

The 3/2mm surf wetsuit is therefore ideal for between seasons, it is the perfect transition between summer and winter.

Some surfers are lucky enough to be able to wear it all year round like in Portugal for example where the water temperature varies very little and stays around 17°C all year round.

For those less cautious, it can replace 4/3mm in the Landes and the Basque Country. Provided of course, that you have quality neoprene and an “internal foam” to maximize warmth. We talk about this again further down in the article.

  1. How long will my 3/2mm wetsuit last me?

As it is a suit that will be used mainly during the off-season, it can last longer than the others.

In fact, its use will be less intensive than a 4/3mm winter suit which can be used for more than 6 months.

So your 3/2mm will certainly have a longer lifespan. For intensive use, surfers often change 4/3mm every year. On the other hand, they can keep their 3/2mm for at least 2 years. It all depends on where you live, therefore the water temperature throughout the year and whether you practice intensively or not.

  1. What is the best 3/2mm surf wetsuit?

The best 3/2mm neoprene wetsuit is:

  • The one that will keep you warm in the lowest possible temperature around 14°C.
  • One that will be light and flexible to maximize your performance.
  • One that will offer incredible freedom of movement compared to your 4/3mm surf wetsuit.
  • The one that has excellent quality and durable neoprene.
  • The one that has a fair price.
  • One that you can recycle at the end of its life.

At ONE SURFING CO, we design our range of neoprene wetsuits for adults and children without making concessions. We use the best materials available with an important eco-responsible approach.

As mentioned above, we use Japanese YAMAMOTO #40 neoprene which currently offers the best performance.

We have added an “inner lining” to the torso and back, more commonly called a torso, to maximize body heat.

Our pricing is fair and adapts to your practice.

  • First of all, we have a take-back program for your used wetsuits to recycle them and get a promotion (up to 20% off) on a classic purchase.
  • The ONE ATHLETE service: the first neoprene suit subscription. This allows you to have a new suit every year and save more than €100. It's simply a monthly subscription with a minimum 12-month commitment.
  1. KIDS 4/3mm: €13/month
  2. KIDS 3/2mm: €11/month
  3. MEN 4/3mm: €16/month
  4. MEN 3/2mm: €15/month

Finally, the responsibility for recycling your surf wetsuits, regardless of the brand, must rest on our shoulders. This is why we have set up a repair and recycling process for used neoprene to optimize its lifespan with various French partners.

We have come full circle and we offer quality products for every passionate surfer.

Our collection of surf wetsuits for adults and children .

Our ONE ATHLETE service.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: hello@onesurfingco.com or by message on social media @onesurfingco

Happy surfing!