How much does a surf suit cost? The complete guide.

Quel prix pour une combinaison de surf ?  Le guide complet.

How much does a surf suit cost?

At ONE SURFING CO, we adapt the price of neoprene wetsuits according to your practice.

Our prices are part of our eco-responsible approach. A quality product at a fair price.

In this article we will discuss pricing policy from 3 different angles:

  • The brand.
  • Functionality.
  • Durability.

We will therefore divide our reflection into three main parts:

  1. The approach to the market and the big surf brands.
  2. The surfers' experience.
  3. The unique and innovative approach of ONE SURFING CO.

The neoprene wetsuit is an integral part of the surfer's life, it is essential for practicing all year round in the most extreme conditions.

In addition to the rest of the equipment such as: surfboards, fins, leashes, pads etc... surf wetsuits represent a real budget all year round.

So every surfer is on the lookout for inexpensive surf wetsuits or to take advantage of sales while keeping quality materials to maximize their performance once in the water.

  1. What is the pricing strategy of major surf brands?

Ripcurl, Quiksilver, Billabong, O'neill to name only the leaders over the last 50 years. They were part of the golden age of the surf industry.

O'neill is one of the pioneers in the design of neoprene wetsuits and has participated in development with its competitors for years to optimize warmth and flexibility.

The primary purpose of a neoprene wetsuit is to stay warm in more or less cold water. Brands have therefore developed different products for different water temperature ranges.

To do this, they played with the distribution of neoprene on the body to maximize warmth and comfort.

Some examples of neoprene distribution:

  • 4/3mm: ideal in winter for surfing in water between 10°C and 14°C.
  • 3/2mm: perfect for the off-season in water between 14°C and 18°C.
  • 2/2mm: to spend a summer protecting from UVs and wind in water from 18°C.

The creation of this range is essential to meet the different needs depending on where you surf.

However, the brands have also decided to create several sub-parts in this range with more or less efficient materials to meet price constraints.

As a result, they are able to offer low-end, mid-range and high-end 4/3mm.

In the surf wetsuit world, low prices are often considered low performance but very durable products. The neoprene is then quite rigid and not very comfortable. However, this provides additional strength to keep it longer.

As you can see, once you go upmarket, the quality improves significantly but the durability decreases. Indeed, neoprene is very flexible and therefore more fragile. In addition, a soft neoprene provides comfort and performance in the water while paddling and on the wave.

For other products, the price ranges differ only in features. For example, the quality of a photo is different on an inexpensive device VS a high-end one.

But for neoprene wetsuits, durability comes into play and the opposite of what one might think... An expensive surf wetsuit is not necessarily more durable than the one at the first price...

To get an idea of ​​surf wetsuit prices:

  • Decathlon surf wetsuit, you can find them for less than €100 up to €200.
  • Quiksilver, Ripcurl, O'neill etc. surf wetsuits: between €250 and €600 or more.

And if we consider ecology, manufacturing and marketing several ranges of neoprene wetsuits is not necessarily the best solution. There is a much more eco-responsible approach. We talk about it a little further down in the article about the ONE SURFING CO strategy, fair prices that adapt to your practice.

  1. The surfers' experience.

surfer on a wave at sunset wearing a neoprene wetsuit

A beginner or expert surfer is looking for performance and comfort. Because yes, every surfer is passionate regardless of their level and wants to spend as much time in the water. But it is important to optimize your surf gear budget according to your practice.

If you are a beginner or intermediate surfer who does not have the chance to practice often, you will prefer a premium neoprene wetsuit. So you optimize your budget with a product that will still allow you to have fun and protect you from the cold.

IF you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert surfer but you have the chance to surf all year round. It might be a good idea to invest in a surf suit that is a little more expensive but also more comfortable.

Let's talk a little about children, the future champions who spend their lives in the water...

If the main function is to swim all day while protecting yourself from UV rays, it is not necessary to invest a lot in a neoprene wetsuit.

However, if you want to surf all day, it is necessary to invest in quality neoprene to avoid irritation and maximize comfort and thus stay passionate!

In summary, a high-end surf suit provides unparalleled comfort but remains fragile. Prices are more or less high.

A low-end wetsuit will be durable and inexpensive but less comfortable.

The question is: do you prioritize durability or comfort?

Unless the solution lies before your eyes…

  1. ONE SURFING CO's unique and innovative approach to surf wetsuits

The ideal equation sought by all surfers:

Top-level athlete surf gear at an affordable price to perform in perfect waves.

The dream, right?!

And if it was possible ?

ONE SURFING CO is the first French surf brand created in Hossegor, the European capital of the discipline.

Above all, we are passionate surfers and we want to solve our problem.

Have access to neoprene wetsuits at fair prices compared to our intensive practice while having an important eco-responsible approach.

When we talk about product ecology, we very often talk about sustainability in addition to the manufacturing process.

Unfortunately, the wetsuit that lasts a lifetime does not yet exist... We are very pragmatic on the subject and know full well that for passionate children, they will change wetsuits every year because they grow up quickly. Likewise for adults and children, with intensive practice, the combination is not durable…

We must not forget that when surfing, neoprene faces the most extreme conditions! Salt, cold, drying in the sun, changing on tar etc…this is not the best solution to optimize the durability of the product.

At ONE SURFING CO, we are aware of this.

We have created a single range of adult and child wetsuits with different thicknesses. We use very high quality Japanese Yamamoto #40 neoprene to offer you the best warmth and flexibility performance. Additionally, it is made from limestone rock to avoid all petrochemical elements.

Finally, by bringing all this data together, we offer a wetsuit subscription system. At ONE, every surfer is an athlete and deserves a high-end wetsuit at a fair price, that's the ONE ATHLETE program.

The principle is simple: You don't have to pay for your new suit all at once. You can simply pay over time. The total cost of your ONE suit is spread over 18 months free of charge. You can recover a new neoprene suit from the 12th month in exchange for the worn one. That is a total paid of €192.00 for a 4/3mm = €16.00/month for 12 months.

Thanks to this subscription formula, you have access to very attractive prices that correspond to your practice, especially for children who grow quickly and have to change their wetsuit every year!

Surfsuit Subscription Program - ONE ATHLETESurf wetsuit packs at low prices

Obviously we are not pushing for overconsumption, if you want to keep your combination, you can simply pay for it for 18 months free of charge with a very low monthly payment.

Finally, we recondition and recycle all neoprene wetsuits, regardless of the brand or their condition, thanks to various French partners.

The approach is therefore interesting. The subscription is designed to meet the needs of surfers who practice intensively all year round.

Other surfers will be able to purchase a wetsuit from our brand, repaired by us. We therefore also offer attractive prices on a suit that is certainly second-hand but with high-end materials to maximize comfort.

In summary, we design a single range of very high quality and eco-responsible wetsuits with prices that adapt to your practice.

Our vision is to share our passion for surfing with quality products and an innovative eco-responsible approach.

To find out more, click here or do not hesitate to contact us by email at the following address:

Remember, a wave is a unique story, go write yours.

Happy surfing!

surfer on the beach with neoprene wetsuit