ONE ATHLETE - the ultimate neoprene wetsuit service for all surfers

ONE ATHLETE - le service ultime autour des combinaisons neoprene pour tous les surfeurs


Explanation of the ONE ATHLETE service
How to save money on your surf wetsuits?

Matt the founder of ONE SURFING CO

Message from Matt:

“I had this idea at 17 while I was revising for the baccalaureate. I have always been passionate about surfing and especially neoprene wetsuits. I preferred to go to the local surf shop to see the latest surf wetsuits than to a Toy Club. It was the best gift anyone could give me. I loved analyzing the product and its technicality to optimize my performance in the water.

It was when I was passing the baccalaureate that the desire to undertake took hold of me. You know when people ask you what you want to do when you grow up? Well I wanted to work in the surf industry, around my passion.

So I thought about an offer to improve the surfer's experience and practice.

When I was a kid I changed my neoprene wetsuit every year because I was growing too quickly... Once my growth stabilized and with very intensive surfing, I still had the same needs.

So I thought about a subscription system to offer high-end surf wetsuits at very attractive prices for passionate surfers.

The loop must be closed, which is why it was absolutely necessary to have a reconditioning system to repair worn wetsuits and give them a second life with surf schools and charities to share our passion for surfing. Finally, the recycling of neoprene is an integral part of our vision. In fact, we work with different French partners as close as possible to our surfers!

I didn't want to create yet another surf brand but a premium service for passionate surfers, a service like a high-level athlete! »

In this article we will therefore address the following points:

  • Very low monthly payments to optimize your surfing budget.
  • ONE athlete for young surfers and intensive practice.
  • Recycling neoprene.
  1. How to optimize your surf gear budget?

For every passionate surfer, every detail counts to optimize their performance in the water.

The surfboard which will be different depending on the level and type of wave.

Fins that will adapt to the size of the waves to have better grip.

The leash which risks breaking regularly and finally the neoprene suits to stay warm in the most extreme conditions.

Not to mention of course the wax, any board repairs and other additional costs that are added to a surfer's daily life.

You might believe that surfing is a sport accessible to everyone because the ocean is free and available but the equipment is expensive and needs to be replaced regularly.

So if you can save money, it's perfect for optimizing your expenses and being sure to have the best surf gear to perform on each wave.

At ONE SURFING CO, we have created the ONE ATHLETE service which allows you to pay for your surf suit in 18 installments free of charge with the following prices:


3/2mm: €11/month.

4/3mm: €13/month.


3/2mm: €15/month.

4/3mm: €16/month.

These are therefore very low monthly payments to enjoy your high-end neoprene suit for 18 months or more.

Because not everyone can afford to pay between €300 and €600 at once to buy a surf wetsuit of this quality.

The goal is to make high-end products accessible to all passionate surfers.

If you do the math: for an adult 4/3mm wetsuit 16*18 = €288, it's still a discount compared to the big surf brands for the same quality of product.

You can save every month for a possible surf trip with family or friends.

But the process does not stop there and we go even further for children, our future surfing champions and those who are lucky enough to have intensive practice.

  1. ONE ATHLETE the ultimate service for children and intensive surfing.

Children grow up quickly and are therefore forced to change their suits every year.

So why pay for a very expensive neoprene suit knowing that you will have to change it?

At ONE, we want to support them with the best possible neoprene. They spend their day in the water, they need quality and comfortable products. We make no concessions on the quality of children's surf wetsuits. It's the same as for adults and the best surfers on the planet.

Via the ONE ATHLETE service, they can stop the subscription after 12 months.

The result: a new, high-end wetsuit every year like a professional surfer, all at a very attractive and unbeatable price.

3/2mm child = €132 after 12 months.

4/3mm child: €156 after 12 months.

This offer is also available for adult surf wetsuits. But you will ask yourself why? Adults no longer grow…

If you look at all the major surf brands including ONE SURFING CO, you will see that the warranty on a neoprene wetsuit is only 1 year. Even brands with an eco-responsible approach practice these guarantees.

Because we all know that following intensive surfing (several times a week, all year round), the surf suit is not durable over time… unfortunately.

The latter is constantly exposed to the most extreme conditions:

  • Cold
  • Heat and UV including drying in the sun which is not recommended but all surfers do it to have a dry wetsuit as often as possible, it's more pleasant.
  • Change on the tarmac.
  • Possible blows from the board and/or fins…

The suit is of course repairable. But neoprene is extremely damaged and will lose its qualities of warmth and flexibility despite everything.

So for passionate surfers, who have the chance to practice often and want to optimize their performance and the purchase price, ONE ATHLETE is the ideal service.

Adult 3/2mm wetsuit = €180 after 12 months.

Adult 4/3mm wetsuit = €192 after 12 months.

Obviously, we are not pushing for overconsumption, continue to take full advantage of your neoprene suit while paying very low monthly payments for 18 months if you wish.

Our prices adapt to everyone's practice, you can stop the subscription after 12 months by returning your used suit to us. But you can also do it after 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 months by following the same process. To avoid being charged the following month, you must return your combination to us before the 10th of that month.

But what do we do with worn out suits?

  1. Neoprene recycling, an integral part of ONE SURFING CO.

Our vision when creating ONE SURFING CO: to offer high-end surf equipment at an affordable price while having a solid eco-responsible approach. Our goal is to reduce our impact as much as possible and protect our playground, ONE PLAYGROUND.

The responsibility for recycling neoprene at the end of its life does not lie with the user but with us. We then collect all neoprene suits regardless of the brand or its condition.

For subscriptions that end after 12 months, we repair worn wetsuits to give them a second life and thus benefit surf schools and charities.

If the wetsuits cannot be repaired, if the neoprene has lost all its flex and warmth qualities, we completely recycle the product.

Neoprene will then be used to manufacture new products such as yoga mats, punching bags, spectacle frames, etc.

We work with different French partners in our recycling process. So we limit the carbon footprint of transporting these suits to the other side of the world. We are as close as possible to surfers.

At ONE SURFING CO, we are passionate surfers and we want to offer a premium service with high-end wetsuits and very attractive prices to share our passion while protecting the Ocean, our magnificent playground!

Learn more about ONE ATHLETE and ONE PLAYGROUND .

Enjoy your surfing and don't hesitate to contact us by email: or via social networks: @onesurfingco.

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