The first surf company founded in Hossegor.

La première entreprise de surf fondée à Hossegor.

ONE SURFING CO founded in Hossegor in the European capital of surfing.

Hossegor is the ultimate test for all future surfing champions. Random beach breaks, powerful waves and high water levels.

The greatest champions competed on the surf spot “la Gravière” which they like to compare with the legendary Hawaiian wave “Pipeline”.

Our ONE products have been tested and approved by our athletes on these waves in the most extreme conditions.

ONE SURFING CO is a company founded by enthusiasts who are committed to sharing their passion and the strong values ​​of surfing.


An exclusive interview with Matt, the founder of the brand.

Hello, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

surfer on the beach

Hello and welcome to ONE SURFING CO, my name is Matt, I'm 25 years old and I'm a passionate surfer.

I love introducing myself as a passionate surfer because this sport is an integral part of my life. Indeed, when I was younger, I was quite shy and reserved and surfing allowed me to express myself, gain confidence and adopt a healthy life around performance.

I also had the incredible chance to travel and visit different countries to surf new waves. This allowed me to discover other cultures and meet new people.

Finally, during each surf session, we receive 3 life lessons:

  1. Adaptation: And yes… we will never surf the same wave. You must therefore be able to adapt to optimize your performance and have fun.
  2. Perseverance: we take more waves on our heads than we surf... and yet we remain passionate and motivated to take on more!
  3. Patience to catch the best wave.
  4. Respect because the Ocean does not belong to us.

That's a bit of a summary of life (without wanting to sound philosophical)... but surfing taught me beautiful values ​​that I keep with me in everyday life.

When I was younger, I didn't necessarily dream of being the next Kelly Slater, I was more interested in the mechanics of large companies, the technicality of products... in short, I wanted to know what was going on behind the scenes.

So instead of going to Toy Club, I went to a local surf shop to see the new neoprene wetsuits, which had changed compared to the old collection... I chatted with the salespeople as if we had been friends forever and I was part of this incredible community.

Because YES, surfing is above all a community of enthusiasts who dream of the perfect wave!

How did you come up with the idea for ONE SURFING CO?

I was taking my baccalaureate (laughs)… in fact, during my revisions in spring 2015, this idea of ​​subscribing or renting a surf suit appeared.

You know the period when you are still a teenager and you are already asked the existential question, what do you want to do when you grow up? As if we had the slightest idea other than taking advantage of the summer with our friends to celebrate this baccalaureate that we have been told about since our first day at school.

But it must be said that it is part of the transition from “adolescent to young adult” and taking one’s first responsibilities.

I knew I wanted to work in the surfing world! It was a good start! Then I always had this entrepreneurial desire to want to find solutions to improve the consumer experience. So I started with a simple observation:

  • For intensive practice, the durable combination does not exist… unfortunately. Prices are high despite a short lifespan regardless of the brand and quality…

So I thought of a surf wetsuit subscription/rental system to adapt prices to everyone's practice with high-end materials.

The goal was also to include an eco-responsible approach to reconditioning/recycling used suits. The loop must be closed.

Even if no one tells me about age (you'll get the ref), 2015 was too early to embark on this adventure. I had to continue to learn and gain experience.

So it was in 2020 after several internships in France and abroad, a first job (lost due to Covid) in one of the biggest surf companies in the world that I finally decided to get started.

The ONE SURFING CO adventure was starting in earnest! A childhood dream!

So can you explain this subscription to us?

Men's 4/3mm surf wetsuit at a reduced priceMen's 3/2mm surf wetsuit at a reduced price

Children's 4/3mm surf wetsuit at a reduced priceChildren's 3/2mm surf wetsuit at a reduced price

For intensive practice, a durable surf suit does not exist... and yet it is expensive!

Moreover, for all children who grow up quickly, they are forced to change!

So we created this subscription which can also be seen as a rental.

  • Monthly combi surf subscription: minimum 12-month commitment. At the end of this period, you either send it back to us and the payment stops. Either, you continue to benefit from it. The neoprene wetsuit belongs to you after the 18th month.

You understand that this offer is designed for passionate surfers and children who grow up quickly! Whatever happens, they will change their surf wetsuit every year or every season. The goal is to offer them new, high-end equipment to optimize their performance at attractive prices.

Of course, we are not pushing for overconsumption, you can keep the combination and enjoy it as much as you want. You therefore pay the full price which remains very advantageous compared to the competition.

You may have already noticed that you can actually pay for your surf suit in 18 installments free of charge thanks to the monthly subscription.

We have therefore created a unique offer around surf wetsuits for adults and children with high-end materials (Yamamoto #40 neoprene) and attractive prices. As I said, I'm a passionate surfer so I'm first and foremost a customer trying to understand how to improve the experience in the water with quality products and out of the water with unique service!

Why did you call it ONE?

As mentioned previously, in surfing you have to know how to adapt because we will never catch the same wave. I therefore consider that ONE wave is ONE unique story. We are all constantly looking for THE wave.

  • A wave to win a competition.
  • A wave to share with friends.
  • Your first wave.
  • Your biggest wave.
  • Your longest wave
  • Etc…

So ONE to represent this endless quest… #ONEWAVEONESTORY.

But also an attitude in and out of the water #BETHEONE:

  • Be the one who enters the water with a smile.
  • Be the one who helps a beginner catch their first wave.
  • Be the one who pushes your friends to optimize their performance.
  • Be the one who will share his wave.
  • Be the one who sets a good example.

ONE is a community of passionate surfers who advocate the true values ​​of our sport.

surfer on a wave during sunset

Finally, let’s talk a little about Hossegor…

The place where I grew up, I shared my surf sessions with family, friends and even with the greatest champions!

You should know that every surfer is proud of his “home spot” and it is normal to have a particular attachment.

Even though I had the chance to travel and discover new waves around the world. Nothing replaces a good session at La Gravière and only hits that close…

Hossegor is considered the European capital of surfing thanks to the numerous international competitions that have taken place there.

There is also the headquarters of all the major iconic sports brands.

But it is a source of pride to have created the first French surf brand here, in Hossegor. It's a snub to the big groups with the aim of establishing themselves in the middle of all this jungle.

Hossegor is considered one of the best surf spots in the world. You can catch the most beautiful wave of your life. But make no mistake, photos are often deceiving and perfection rarely happens.

Ultimately that's what being a surfer is, seeking perfection to meet up with friends in average waves...

Our goal at ONE is to provide you with high-end surf wetsuits at attractive prices that adapt to your practice while having a real eco-responsible approach.

Stay focused on the surf forecasts, we'll take care of the rest to maximize your performance once in the water!

Happy surfing!

surfer who makes a tube in the wave.