Neoprene suit for children

Combinaison neoprene pour enfant

The founder of ONE SURFING CO, Matt, started surfing at 3 years old thanks to his father who pushed him on the first foam. Since then he has never stopped and his passion has only grown. He is therefore very keen to support the youngest in the water regardless of the discipline with high-end neoprene wetsuits.

So they will have all the comfort necessary to spend hours in the water and optimal quality to maximize their performance.

Finally, the objective is also to offer a unique offer around neoprene wetsuits by combining high quality and low prices because we know that children grow quickly and must change them every year.

So the magic formula: a high quality children's surf suit at a low price to best support future champions!

1. How to choose the neoprene suit for children?

Step 1: Choose the right neoprene to accompany you all day.

Very often a children's surf wetsuit is synonymous with low price and therefore lower quality than that of adults... At ONE SURFING CO, we make no concessions and we use the best neoprene on the market, YAMAMOTO #40 for our wetsuit range child. They are even more passionate than adults and perhaps represent a generation of future champions. We are therefore keen to support them as best we can in their development.

Quality neoprene is essential for a child. Indeed, the latter often has fragile skin and therefore can be subject to irritation. This inevitably impacts his enjoyment once in the water and for future outings. The combination of salt and irritation is not ideal.

Hence the interest in having flexible and comfortable neoprene to spend hours in the water with friends!

Finally, a child is generally more chilly than an adult. It is therefore essential to have a warm neoprene suit. Once again the objective is to spend the most time in the water.

To do this, you need quality neoprene, glued sewn seams to optimize waterproofing and an inner fleece to maximize body heat.

In summary, you need quality, flexible, comfortable and warm neoprene to support the future generation of surfers.

At ONE SURFING CO, we are committed to offering the same high-end materials as the best surfers on the planet.

2. Which design should you choose for a child's neoprene suit?

As mentioned above, children are the most passionate among us and spend their day in the water. We have validated the technical aspect and the quality of the neoprene to choose.

Now, let's move on to the design of a children's wetsuit.

The number 1 and non-negligible aspect is PROTECTION .

This is why we are going to focus on the full suit. It keeps you warm regardless of the external conditions but will protect the child from possible hits with a surfboard.

In fact, the thickness of the neoprene will serve as the first layer of protection for the skin. It is not negligible.

Finally we must necessarily talk about UV protection. This is the second role of the neoprene suit after “keeping warm”. A full suit will provide maximum protection for the child against UV rays all day long. He/she will therefore be able to spend his/her time in the water without worrying about sunscreen other than on the face.

The little extra is the visual appearance of the neoprene suit for children. He/she should be proud to wear it in the water. But also for parents, a little color is welcome to see their child in the water easily.

At ONE SURFING CO, we currently only make full wetsuits in 4/3mm and 3/2mm to accompany young people in water between 12°C and 18°C. Note that external conditions can impact the feeling of cold. We made the left sleeve blue for the 3/2mm and the clearly visible logo unique to our design.

3. What price? depending on their practice.

We have seen that the quality of neoprene is essential to equip children for different aquatic activities, especially for intensive practice. They will be able to have ultimate comfort and maximize their performance. At ONE SURFING CO, we want to support the future generation with the best quality.

High-end neoprene wetsuit often means high price... But it is not necessarily the preferred solution because children grow quickly and must therefore change their wetsuit every year or even every 6 months...

This is a significant annual investment.

So several brands offer a happy medium between lower quality and an affordable price. The goal is to favor the budget.

Despite everything, it is biased to say that the most important thing when equipping children is the price. For adults (higher purchasing power) it's quality.

At ONE SURFING CO, we design the best quality neoprene wetsuits for adults and children. However, we are less expensive than all the players on the market.

Thanks to our ONE ATHLETE service, the first neoprene wetsuit subscription, you will save between 30% and 50% compared to other major surf brands.

We treat children like top athletes.

From €11/month you have a new wetsuit every year.

A quick calculation: 11*12 = €132 instead of €250 on average.

So you have access to Japanese YAMAMOTO #40 neoprene designed from limestone rocks to avoid all petrochemical elements. It is considered the best neoprene in terms of warmth and flexibility. It is used in surfing but also in triathlon with long distance swimming.

…at a very attractive price divided into low monthly payments. Because the neoprene wetsuit is not the only purchase for a passionate young surfer. This monthly payment allows you to optimize your budget every month.

We have a recycling process in France for used suits.

In summary, ONE SURFING CO = high quality neoprene wetsuit at a low price.

4. How to choose the right size of children's wetsuit?

A good size means optimal comfort so this is a very important step.

All surf brands have a size guide which helps the customer in their choice. The two essential factors to take into account are:

  • The child's height in cm.
  • Weight in kg.

You will therefore be able to choose the neoprene suit perfectly.

You can try it in store. The ideal is to try it quietly at home.

At ONE SURFING CO, we offer delivery and returns for peace of mind.

There should not be excessive folds under the arms otherwise irritations with the skin will appear. Finally, there must be the minimum amount of space in the lower back. This means that the neoprene must stick to the skin as much as possible.

5. How to put on the neoprene suit for children?

This is the existential question. To quickly put on your suit, you need quality neoprene and therefore very flexible.

There are two possible entries:

  • The zip located in the back with a wider entry for easy access. However, the seal will not be optimal.
  • The zip at the torso level. The entry is more complicated, hence the advantage of having very flexible neoprene. But you optimize your performance and waterproofing.

The little extra tip: use a plastic pocket to put around the foot to make the neoprene slide more easily.

To conclude, it is therefore very important to have a quality surf wetsuit with high-end neoprene to maximize comfort, fit and performance once in the water.

The price should not impact children's passion. Thanks to the ONE ATHLETE program you have access to very attractive prices which adapt to the needs and intensive practice of each person.

Finally, favor an eco-responsible approach in design but also in end-of-life recycling.

Happy surfing!

ONE SURFING CO range children's surf suit .