Summer neoprene wetsuit - 2/2mm l ONE SURFING CO

Combinaison néoprène d'été - 2/2mm l ONE SURFING CO

The surf suit for summer

Surfers running on the beach in neoprene wetsuits

Before we begin, welcome to ONE SURFING CO, the first French surf brand created in Hossegor, the European capital of surfing. We have created an innovative service and a unique offer around neoprene wetsuits. In fact, we are the first to offer monthly or annual subscriptions for surf wetsuits. We design high quality products using Japanese Yamamoto #40 neoprene based on limestone rocks which offers the best performance currently at prices that adapt to your practice. Find our collection of wetsuits by clicking here.

When we think of summer we don't necessarily think of the neoprene wetsuit but the latter proves to be a real asset for surfers of all levels but also for swimming or swimming in the sea.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of a neoprene wetsuit for summer. We will start by discussing protection from the cold, safety and finally sports performance.

Protection from the feeling of cold.

The number one asset of a surf suit is to protect against cold water. Over the years and technological developments, neoprene has become lighter, more flexible and more comfortable.

Despite warmer water in summer, the wind is often present during beach trips.

As a result, you can swim in water over 20°C but still feel cold...

Simply wearing a wetsuit with 2mm thick neoprene will keep you warm. So you will fully enjoy aquatic activities for an unlimited time. The ocean is an extraordinary playground for bodyboarding, surfing, bodysurfing, paddleboarding, skimboarding, without forgetting of course a simple swim or the pleasures of swimming among the waves. With a summer wetsuit, you will have time to improve in each of its disciplines.

Finally, children are even more likely to be cold and the wetsuit will allow them to enjoy as much as possible with friends in the middle of the waves.

At ONE SURFING CO, we use Japanese Yamamoto #40 neoprene which retains body heat. Additionally, we have glued sewn seams on each of our suits to prevent any water infiltration.

Safety - the suit is your ally.

Let's talk a little about safety, what are the risks at the beach?

For those who are not very comfortable or who are apprehensive, the neoprene wetsuit allows you to float effortlessly.

Moreover, triathlon swimmers during the swimming part wear a wetsuit and allow them to have optimal glide.

The flotation is the same throughout the body. So you can lie on your back and breathe peacefully. If you are caught by a wave, the neoprene suit will always bring you back to the surface.

The ocean is a magnificent playground but the risks are sometimes invisible, starting with the currents. Having a wetsuit can be very useful. If we take the best surfers on the planet in competitions in Hawaii or Tahiti, most of them wear 2/2mm neoprene wetsuits to protect themselves from the reef and therefore from shocks but also from UV rays. Let’s take an example from the best.

UV hits!

There is no better sun protection than a neoprene suit. Surfers who spend hours and hours in the water are well aware of this, they only put sunscreen on their faces.

Not only are UV rays strong, but in the water, there is the phenomenon of reverberation which accentuates the power of the sun.

Whether you are surfers or other aquatic disciplines, if you spend hours in the water, it is wise to wear a 2/2mm wetsuit. You will maintain performance with a flexible and lightweight neoprene while being protected from UV rays.

If you are in the habit of spending a long time exposed to the sun in the water, it's the same.

Finally for children, they will be able to fully enjoy the joys of the beach without having to slather their bodies with sun cream every 30 minutes and wait to be able to return to the water.

It is strictly impossible to get a sunburn on your body if it is protected by a neoprene suit. It's even more effective than lycra.

Finally, let's talk a little about shock in terms of safety; neoprene will be the first layer before reaching your skin. A rock, a surfboard, a jellyfish or anything else, the surf suit will protect you. It can help minimize an injury. You can see the neoprene suit as the biker's jacket. It protects and minimizes risks in the event of an accident.

To conclude on this safety part, the summer neoprene wetsuit often called the 2/2mm wetsuit is an excellent means of protection against UV and shock with optimum flotation in the event of exhaustion...

The performance to fully enjoy.

Finally, let's talk a little about performance for surfers and all other water sports such as bodyboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, bodysurfing, foiling and so on.

Wearing a summer surf wetsuit is surely a reflex but performance is an integral part of choosing a neoprene wetsuit.

What are we looking for in summer:

  1. Lightness. In winter the surf suit is real weight... every surfer dreams of summer to practice while being light! So if even in warm water, surfers have this feeling of heaviness, there is no point.

  1. Flexibility. Surfing and other water sports require freedom of movement to optimize performance. Not having restrictions during practice is therefore essential.

  1. Comfort. No irritation, a suit of the right size and suitable for practice. Putting on a surf suit in summer means staying for hours without having to worry about UV rays, so it has to be comfortable.

So for those looking for performance in summer, it is essential to have a quality neoprene wetsuit to spend hours in the water and constantly improve.

There are different types of 2/2mm combinations:

  1. Integral, that is to say, covers the entire body.
  2. Short sleeve and long legs
  3. Long sleeves and short legs.
  4. Shorty with short sleeves and legs.

So maybe there is an element of style in that... because YES a surfer has a reputation to uphold...

Then for the integral, it allows you to benefit from the advantages of a 2/2mm in cooler water from 18-19°C depending on the external conditions.

Concerning the 2/2mm short sleeves and long legs, it is ideal when it is very hot outside but the water is a little cooler. In addition, it protects the knees which may be subject to irritation on the surfboard pad.

For the 2/2mm long sleeves and short legs, it's perfect when the north wind is present and therefore potentially counters the feeling of cold on the upper body.

Finally, the 2/2mm shorty is often less expensive and offers greater freedom of movement because there are fewer neoprene restrictions. However, it protects less from the sun and irritation…

So with all this information what is the ideal summer surf wetsuit for you?

You don't have a big budget, so the 2/2mm shorty is the perfect solution. However, only a small part of the body is covered by neoprene. As a result, UV and shock protection as well as buoyancy are less effective.

You prefer freedom of movement for your upper body, so you can opt for the 2/2mm short sleeves and long legs.

The place where you practice has a lot of wind despite temperate or even warm water. The 2/2mm long sleeves are ideal.

Finally, you practice in cooler water but you still want to lighten up with better flexibility than in winter, you have to go full-length. In addition, the latter will perhaps allow you to enjoy sessions in Main-June and September-October, a real luxury!

So you have all the information you need in your choice of summer wetsuit.

At ONE SURFING CO, we have chosen the 2/2mm short sleeve and long leg wetsuit. We are, above all, surfers and we want to optimize freedom of movement in the upper body.

In addition, we have chosen the Japanese YAMAMOTO #40 neoprene which currently offers the best performance. The icing on the cake, it is eco-responsible because we replace petrochemical products and not limestone.

Finally, our suits have a unique design with the white sleeve (very classy) and the logo worn proudly on the shoulder.

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Thank you and good surfing!

surfer running on the beach with a neoprene wetsuit